Water Treatment Plant

Sepatan WTP is Aetra Tangerang’s main water treatment plant. Sepatan WTP capable to operate up to 900 liters/second in capacities and took its raw water from Cisadane River.

Sepatan WTP has installed latest water treatment technologies and able to produce water at its best qualities. Water produced by Sepatan WTP already complied with PERMENKES standard No. 492/2010 and also WHO’s standard so it is safe to drink and/or consumed. Sepatan WTP also employing Backwash Recycling Process technologies which will safe raw water usage up to five percents.

The treated water waste will eventually dumped to Cirarap River, but not before being precipitated at Sludge Drying Bed. The waste precipitation will produce filtrates which already safe to dump. These filtrates won’t add extra pollutant weights to the river since the filtrates qualities are better than Cirarap River existing water.

With various technologies employed, Sepatan WTP has achieved high qualities and efficiencies without sacrificing the preservation of surrounding nature.

Intake Building

Our intake building located at Cisadane River’s “Pintu Air Sepuluh.” This facility equipped with four submersible pumps with 1160m³/hour of capacity and 4atm of pressure each. This intake will supply raw water from Cisadane River to our Water Treatment Plant in Sepatan. With total capacities for all pumps reaching 1300 liters/second, the intake facilities able to supply raw water to Sepatan WTP which has capacities up to 900 liters/second.

Booster Pump Installation

The function of booster pump is to increase water pressure, so that the water pressure is maintained until the furthest customer connection. The booster pump installation is located in Pasir Jaya, Cikupa and also equipped with a 5,000 m3 water reservoir. Booster pump installations operate with four, 250 liters per second pumps, with pressures up to 6 bar. The booster pump installation operates 24 hours a day and is supported by two, 500 kva generator units, which are capable of meeting 100% of the electricity requirement to operate the booster pump.

Water Meter Calibration Facility

Along the usage period, the water meter needs to be recalibrated regularly to maintain its accuracy. Aetra Tangerang operating a water meter calibration facility that has been certified by the UPT Meterologi of Tangerang Regency, so the facilities are declared eligible and feasible to carry out water meter calibration activities independently. The Aetra Tangerang water meter calibration facility has two water meter calibration lines and capable of calibrating 100 water meters per day.